GIBSON & HARRIDEN Construction

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GIBSON & HARRIDEN Construction

We recently undertook a refurbishment project at the aforementioned project in the capacity of ‘ Sub Contractor ‘. The principle contractor for this project was ‘Richard Crookes Constructions’.

The project consisted of the refurbishment of 12 Dormitory Style Accommodation Blocks with each block consisting of 48 bedrooms with wet area’s, utility rooms, common lounge area’s etc. The works were carried out in six stages over a 24month period.

A Large proportion of this refurbishment was the replacement of approximately 1940 door sets throughout the project. These door sets include a combination of entirely new Fire Rated & Non-Fire Rated Door & Frame Sets, new Fire Rated & Non-Rated Doors only (To be installed into existing frames) & Also the supply of frame parts to modify existing frames where required.

We used Radiant Enterprise to Supply all of the Doors and Pressed Metal Frames (30th Fire-Rated and Non-Rated) we required for this project.

In our experience, we found Radiant Enterprise Delivered Quality Products and Serviced the tight timing deadlines for each stage well within our requirements. I would also like to point out that Radiant Enterprise were more than willing to help when we required particular items to be manufactured at very short lead times to meet the Clients and Principles Requirements for this project.

Another benefit I have found with Radiant Enterprise is that they can offer the Full Package Fire Doors (Fire Doors, Non-Rated Doors, Acoustic Doors & Other Speciality Doors + Pressed Meta Frames) when it comes to timber door sets. Other Suppliers tend to only offer Fire Doors and Frames only or only manufacture Solid Core Doors, making the ordering process more difficult.

I would highly recommend Radiant Enterprise for any works requiring Doors & Frames.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me to verify this.

-Lachain Armstrong