Fire Rated Doors Sydney

Fire Rated Doors Manufacturers

All fire rated doors manufactured by Radiant conform to Australian standards AS1905.1 -2005.

Fire rated doors Sydney

Fire-Rated Doors Features

  • 35mm or 45mm general purpose flush design this is a moderate to high use door type designed for commercial or residential use
  • Fire rated core provides the door with structural strength and provides exceptional flatness. These cores are rated at 1,2,3, or 4 hours.
  • These doors are assembled using contact adhesive to bond the edge rails to the fire core while a heat activated PVC adhesive is used to form a permanent bond for the door facings.
  • Internal edge rails to all four sides of the door means there are no visible joins on the face of the doors which makes for a better paint finish and conforms with the Australian standards for fire rated doors.
  • MDF facings provide a smooth surface for final finishes like paint, however with this facing type it is only allowed on doors up to 1 hour.
    Plywood or Duracote facings can be used on doors that require 2,3, or 4 hour ratings.
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Optional Extras

Vision panels for fire doors come in a few standard sizes. These are as follows:

    • 300mm x 200mm
  • 600mm x 100mm

Air Grilles for fire doors come in 3 standard sizes. These are as follows:

    • 600mm x 300mm
    • 450mm x 450mm
  • 600mm x 600mm

Facing options; doors can be supplied with a number of alternate timber veneer finishes. Fire doors can also have a Metal cladding with channels applied for a strong external grade door.