Are you a builder, architect, or interior designing professional?

Have you given your doors a thought?

We know first impressions are important, and your door can say a lot about you and the design of your building. Every door has a purpose. It makes a statement. It acts as an introduction to your space, and your ideas that fill those spaces.

A good door is also an investment, to guard and protect, a business or loved ones. Having a vision for your building is one thing, but having skilled people to manufacture for you a dependable door, and also be visually appealing is another.

Home-owners and business owners, alike, are being drawn towards custom solutions. A common theme that has been noticed are, flush doors, with clean lines, which gives spaces a minimalist, and distinctive style.

Custom production of doors has become the trend. Whether for a commercial operation or a high-end home, personalization has become key. But when designing a custom door, what needs to be understood is the application for which you choose a particular kind of door. This is applicable for both design and materials.

In Australia, the most common door size is 2040x820x35mm. These are residential doors. Doors made within these range are usually mass-made, and may be relatively cheaper. Anything outside this, will require some kind of customisation. Radiant can do both!!

Radiant manufactures doors and frames to the size, materials and finish of your requirement. You can select materials, fire / non-fire rated, size, textured glass panel, handles, locking mechanisms and the list goes on.

With virtually endless customisation options for designing and installing your doors and frames, Radiant is a great place to start your door design journey.

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