Fire rated doors manufacturers in Australia

Why do we need Fire-rated doors?

With the escalating effects of global warming and the growing threat of bushfires, we’re constantly surrounded by uncontrollable hazards. Staying danger-ready has become our new normal.

When it comes to protecting our residences or workplaces from the catastrophes of fire, you cannot simply count on ordinary wooden doors. Normal wooden doors cannot withstand the extreme temperature in a fire emergency. You need doors made of suitable materials, specifically made to keep up with rising temperatures and fire-threats.

Fire-rated doors are your solution.

What is a fire-rated door?

Fire doors are the first line of defense against a fire in a building.

Fire-rated doors are made with specific materials that have a tolerance for fire and high temperatures.

They work by preventing fire and smoke from spreading from one part of a building’s structure to another. For example, if a fire breaks out in your kitchen, with fire rated doors in place, and with all doors closed, the fire will take longer to spread to other parts of your house.

By definition, a fire rated door is a door, manufactured with the purpose to resist spreading fire if
any part of your structure, residential or commercial, catches fire.

Why are fire-rated doors important?

Mishaps are unavoidable. Since fire accidents are unpredictable, taking precautionary measures can help protect individuals, products and/or even the building itself.

Constant learning and integrating fire protection systems in commercial and residential buildings is an essential part of construction buildings (dwellings, offices and other types of property).

Fire-rated doors installed in fire-rated stud wall or concrete or brick/block wall frames play a vital role in obstructing fires. Coupled with added features like smoke seals make for a solid solution against the spreading of fires and smoke hazards.

Once you appreciate what a fire rated door is, there’s no denying its importance.

Fire-rated doors provide safety. In case of a fire mishap, they prevent the spread of fire and smoke and curb the fire to help in the evacuation of the building. So, the damage or loss of life or property or is reduced or prevented while the occupants are kept safe.

Check out these benefits of fire-rated doors.

In Australia, the National Construction Code dictates that all fire doors must be tested to certain specifications (i.e. AS 1530) in order to meet resistance approvals and certification.

Radiant’s Fire Rated Doors in Australia

Radiant is a Fire-rated door manufacturer based in Australia with over 2 decades of experience in delivering unparalled quality. We have the biggest variety of commercial fire-rated doors in the industry. Radiant provides high-performance fire-rated doors to protect all of your belongings.

Our fire-rated door sets meet the required certifications for fire safety (AS1530) and are backed
by a standard 12 month warranty.

With years of expertise and access to the best raw materials and technology, you can trust our

Talk to our experts to know more information about our Radiant Fire Rated doors.

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