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Enter required quantity.
Enter required door height in millimeters.
Enter required door width in millimeters.
Select the fire rating required.If no fire rating is required select NR.
The wall into which this frame is to be installed.
Wall to be built into the frame during construction is build in. Frame to be fitted into a cut or formed opening is retrofit.
How you would like to connect the frame to the wall.
If you require the face of the frame and wall to be in line select Flush. If there is no need to finish the frame in line with wall select Proud.
Standard for non rated frames is 1. 1mm Za. Standard for fire rated frames is 1.4mm Za.
Select required Handing.
Select the required door thickness. This impacts the dimensions of the rebate section of the frame.


Door Side Rebate

Door Side Wall Connection

Slide & Pivot

Non Door Side Rebate

Non Door Side Wall Connection

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