Crown Street – Wollongong

The Crown street development was a newly built apartment block and ground floor commercial area. It consisted of 7 levels of apartment, 2 levels of commercial space and 2 levels of basement parking. Located in Wollongong CBD.

ps-4Project Description:

  • Radiant’s client for the project was APEX Building.
  • Frames used on this project consisted of both fire rated and non-rated and they were installed into block and stud walls.
  • Doors used on this project were both fire rated and non-rated with facing material that consisted of Ply and MDF lining. The Comms and electrical doors have a metal lining to the inside face to make them a non-combustible door.
  • The project consisted of about 180 doors and frames with Nova, Lorient & Dorma brand door hardware installed throughout.

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